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Our Range Complex at Long Gully Road, Mc Laren Vale,South Australia




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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our Members from SVPSL Inc. Committee and Executive

Executive Committee for 2014/15 Click Here

Check out some of the new training videos in the Archive Sections

Mark Carman Memorial Shoot July 5th - Great turnout for the shoot which was followed by a goumet feed and good times in the clubrooms. This year's Classic Division & Carman Memorial Shoot Champion for 2014 was Bill W (B1). Click here for some pics of the trophy presentaions.

SVPSL Inc. a responsible sporting organisation in the community......Come and Try - Come & Try visitors to the club who were able to experience handling and shooting Rifles, Shotgun and Handguns, many of them for the first time. Comments about the experience were most positive with emphesis on safety while experienced Range Officers oversaw the day's proceedings. The day culminated in a much enjoyed suasage sizzle put on by the club and the visitors left with a very positive attitude to firearms, particularly about the safety aspects of IPSC competition. Thanks to all who assisted in making the day a complete success.

More recently we hosted 45 like minded young people to enjoy a morning of target shooting with .22 cal rifles as well as a few larger calibres. Click for Photos



About Us

Southern Vales Practical Shooting League Inc. (SVPSL Inc.) was formed in 1986 with some of the original founding members still active in the club today.

Ours is a sporting firearms shooting club which practises the discipline of IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) in handgun, rifle and shotgun and we adhere to the official IPSC International Rule Book. SVPSL Inc. is South Australia's largest club of its type with members from all walks of life, including students, doctors, tradesmen, public servants, business owners, ladies, juniors, seniors and entire families.

SVPSL Inc is affiliated to IPSC (SA) Inc. which is the governing body for the Section of South Australia and comes under the Regional Direction of IPSC Australia Inc. IPSC Australia Inc. is affiliated to the IPSC World Body and is our governing body and the organisation recognised by the Australian Government for the management and regulation of the sport of Practical Shooting in Australia.

Practical shooting is an International competition that is held on all continents of the world, with local, state, national, regional, international and World championships happening on a regular basis. It is controlled Internationally by the IPSC World Body, with national and regional committees organising local membership and competitions.

In Practical competition, a variety of target types are used including paper and steel, stationary and moving. One of the attractions to the sport is that the courses of fire vary constantly with the arrangement of the targets and shooting scenarios.  Stages, or courses of fire are constructed and changed from competition to competition and each week SVPSL Inc. features 5 different courses of fire set up on any of our 16 gazetted shooting ranges.

All participants (male, female, juniors & veterans) compete together over exactly the same stages, with the same rules and the same scoring procedures.

Only one competitor at a time shoots a stage. At all times this competitor is under the direct observation and control of a Range Officer whose primary task is to enforce the match safety rules. Practical shooting is a safe sport, and IPSC rules and procedures will ensure that this continues.

In Australia, Practical hand gun competition is for centre-fire pistols and revolvers of calibres from 9mm to .38. Stages are usually started with the pistol holstered on the belt. The competitor commences the course of fire under the instruction of the Range Officer, often reloading the firearm during the stage. On completion of the stage, the competitor unloads and clears the firearm under supervision of the Range Officer who then confirms the firearm is unloaded and placed safely back into its holster.

IPSC Competition is also held for rifle and shotgun in Standard and Open Divisions and uses a variety of targets from steel "pepper poppers", round and square steel plates as well as paper targets like the one shown below.   Click for a graphic and dimensions of this target


IPSC "Classic" paper target used in Australia

Below are some of the firearms used in IPSC Competition.  

(Click on a gun for a larger view)


                                           IPSC Open Division " Racegun"                                                                                IPSC " Standard Division" Handgun



                                               Typical "Production Division  Firearms                                                                                                          Revolver Standard Division                         



                                                                                            IPSC  Standard Shotgun DIvision                                                                         IPSC Open Rifle Division






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