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ARCHIVE - Interesting stuff, recent and from our past events.NIGHTWORKS - Range Building Fairies.

On a dark cold night in the middle of winter, the dedicated band of workers built out the concrete walls on the back ranges. One tonne concrete blocks were placed one at a time on the end of the range walls finishing off the Range 8 wall as well as extending ranges 4 and 5. Observant members may have also noticed the miraculous appearance of the weather shelter growing along ranges 4 to 7. Great effort by Stan and Darryl.

Here are some pics, a bit fuzzy but enough to get a good idea of the monumental work done by few for the benefit of many.





  SVPSL STICS Match May 2015




  New Range 11 upgrade - Justin busy working on preparing the range that will include an all weather shelter and Safety Area. This will improve the range that will be suitable for courses of fire up to 25m deep. Car parking will still be available on this range when not in use.


Back Ranges getting an facelift and new Safety Area


                                                                                                                                                                                 Ring in pic. Bruce and friend

IPSC Training Videos - Click on these files for some excellent training tips. (Hint, to return to Southern Vales Webpage, click the back arrow top left of page after the clips finish)  - Saul Kirsch on Recoil Control - Saul Kirsch on Shooting on the Move - Saul Kirsch - Gun off the table - Saul Kirsch on IPSC Reloads  - World Champion Eric Grauffel in St Tropez 2014

Mark Carman Memorial Classic Shoot  2014 - Trophy Presentations






Bali World Shoot XV November 2008

Bali World Shoot XV was held in hot, humid and very trying conditions, requiring some competitors to seek medical help for heat exhaustion and dehydration. The match ran over 6 days and was won by French Shooting Ace Eric Greffel. Australia's closest ranking competitor was Brodie Mc Intosh who came 6th in the world. Our Junior Open Team should be proud as they came 3rd in the world and included Justin and Rhys A. who are Southern Vales members. Australia was well represented in the competition again with a good representation from Southern Vales in their midst. 

The next World Shoot XVI will be held on the Greek Island of Rhodes and if you've never experienced a Level V before, this is a great opportunity to have the "shooting" time of your life.



Joel Dix RD USA Relaxing       Peter, Stan & Bernie            Ozzie Junior Team             Ozzie Jnr Team Medals         Jnr Team 3rd In World          No time to waste              RO's Hotel Paradiso               Ranges and flags                 Stage briefing


                                         Entrance to Stage 15     Rey Canaban RD Phillpines    Nick David IROA Philipines        Stan - onfire!                       Justin Vs Alien


      Ozzies cooling off        That's Rick, showing the way   Stunning range designs           Stan - breakfast 5AM      Stan& Bob Closing Ceremony           Kuta Beach                     Kuta Beach


           Beep - Action                       Great props                      more great props                      IROA RO's                    Take that Hercules!!                    Perfect grip             On the move


Kneeling in shellgrit & gravel  Indo'sian RO's MD & Robby    Ozzie IROA RO's            Philippines IROA RO's          Match Hotel Discovery      Dunny brigade - did great job!         Rhys A pre-dq   


Range Master Chepit Dulay     Steve's favourite stage              Tied down                            Chariots of fire         Victor Ferrero - RD Equador

Thanks to Darren A and all who contributed photos.

 SVPSL Inc. Junior members at the Australasian Championships in Malasia in 200? Can someone remember the date, these guys look soooo  young!!



 In the Clubroom, enjoying the company after a hard day's competition       


     What a way to finish a great day on the range!!

2009 SA IPSC Handgun Championships



Relax after the event             Talking "turkey"(s)?            So that's a swinger!"                 Pete's range             Pete's range, Bob's shade!                 Trophies                 All good stuff - honest!  


BALI World Shoot XV - Photos ........     <- click for larger view


Young Military enthusiasts enjoy a SVPSL Inc. sponsored RangeShoot

On Saturday October 30th 2010 Southern Vales Practical Shooting League Inc. hosted 45 young military entheusiasts for a Range Shoot at the Mc Laren Vale Range.  

 45 young folk attended and had a great morning firing .22 rifles supplied and overseen by SVPSL Inc. members, including qualified Range Officers and SA Police endorsed Firearms Safety Trainers. A few members (and an ex member) brought along some larger calibre rifles as well and all who attended had a great time.

SVPSL Inc. is proud to be a part of the  development of younger people groups in the education on safe handling of fire arms and teaching them responsibility and respect for the shooting sports.



                       are some pics of the day.


Please send me your photos for this page to grow

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