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PO Box  158 Morphett Vale South Australia 5162


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VIsitors are invited to come to the clubroom on a Saturday afternoon and have a look around the range facility. It is important that you report to the club room immediately on your arrival and seek a committee member who will insure you have the required safety glasses and hearing protection and an escort to visit the ranges.

SVPSL Inc. has competitions almost every Saturday during the year. Competition starts at 12 Noon and usually procedes through to around 4PM. Following each competition, members meet in the club room to relax, chat and enjoy nibbles and refreshments from our licensed bar.

Club Officials:


Peter W.

0418 829 702

Vice President

Steve B.

0427 201 819


Peter G-S.

0451 872 000

Assistant Secretary

Jeremy D.

0466 313 830


Rod T.

0411 314 245

Assistant Treasurer Warren L. 0434 174 444

Club Captain

Justin C.

0426 251 414

Vice  Captain

Darren C. 0420 326 982

Club Armourer

Graham W.

0415 440 379

Head Trainer

Bill P.

0447 070 951

Public Officer - Bill P -0447070951- Contact -  Email:

IPSC Delegate - Chuck M - Contact -0414 287 247 Mobile Email -

IPSC Delegate - Graham W - Contact -  0415 440 379 Email:

Club Scorer - Bob B - Contact - 0407 424 004 Email:

Webmaster - Bob B - Contact - 0407 424 004 Email:


Q. How can I find out more about the club, joining information, fees etc.? or Email us at:

A. Click here for a Club Membership Information document (.pdf) - (NOTE** Temporarily disabled, currently being updated)

Q. How can I join the Club?

A. Click here to download an Application to Join SVPSL Inc. form (.pdf)

Q. How do I find SVPSL Inc. Range?

A.  Here's a map.......the indicator in on Long Gulley Road, Mc Laren Vale and X marks the spot.......see you soon!

Q.  Who is IPSC Australia Inc.?

A.  International Practical Shooting Confederation of Australia Incorporated (IPSCA Inc) 

First, what is IPSC?

IPSC is a sporting firearms shooting discipline and world-wide organisation of some 80 countries that promotes the sport and discipline of practical shooting internationally.

Individual shooters join through their IPSC affiliated Clubs, and automatically become members of the IPSC World Body.

Practical shooting, through the IPSC discipline, is exciting and challenging and encourages its members to improve their skills and in the SAFE handling of firearms. The fundamentals of the discipline include Accuracy, Power and Speed, embodied in the following words:-

Diligentia-Vis-Celeritas and the insignia     .

What does IPSC offer to its members?

 Insurance Coverage for its members

IPSC provide insurance at all IPSC-sanctioned matches for the protection of its members and officials at Club, State and Federal level, including International matches.

IPSC offers a challenge to handgun, rifle and shotgun competitors.

IPSC is working with State and Federal Governments in the interest of its members.

Administration functions

IPSC members are elected each year from clubs to represent, administer and foster our sport to the benefit and interest of and for all its members.

Dedicated individual members are involved in:

Make up of the Executive committee of IPSC Australia:

Elected and appointed non-paid positions:

Trained Range officers

Training is provided to enable members to become qualified Range Officers and members of N.R.O.I., the National Range Officers' Institute.

The supply of Range Officers is necessary for the safe control of IPSC matches and no match can be run without the courses of fire being under the direct control of a Range Officer.

Quality in holster proficiency orientation

IPSC provides orientation in the safe use of holsters for its members. 

IPSC discipline caters for:

IPSC also conducts a National Grading system that enables each competitor to compete on equal level with their fellow competitors throughout Australia and in all International matches.

Upon joining each member receives an IPSC Rule book which details the rules and regulations governing our Discipline.

IPSC Australia has an up-to-date web site with information and reports on activities and approaching IPSC matches, including match results and photos.

Information is upgraded as it happens from the Executive of IPSC, via the Regional Director, and through information and articles on IPSC activities.

All Sections of IPSC conduct their own web site for their State or Territory, for members information and benefit.

One of the Executives major roles is to monitor legislation, and meet with State and Federal Governments, to continue to ensure IPSC has the opportunity to be involved in all matters relating to all aspects of our discipline and sport.

Consider the benefits, both legal and practical, gained by being a member of IPSC, when the cost of a 12-month membership to IPSC is very minimal.

Exerpt from IPSC Australia Website ­­ IPSC Australia Inc.


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