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New Club Fees Apply for 2017/8

 Single Member, $190

Family Member, $280

Associate Member, $95

Pensioner (not Senior’s Card) Member, $95

Social Member, $95.

Payment can be made by direct deposit or cash or cheque at the Club. To obtain Direct Deposit details please contact:  

The Secretary  - Rod T - Contact - 0411 314 245 - Email:

Important Notice regarding Club Range Keys

NEW CLUB KEYS - Members are requested to hand in their current club keys so they can be re-cut to the new locks that are now installed throughout our range premises. There will be a non refundable $5.00 cost for this service. If you are not going to use your key in the future, you may prefer to hand it in for the deposit refund. None of the old keys will be able to gain entry to the gate or any of the club facilities. Please see Stan M for the re-cut of your key. New members will be able to obtain new keys for a deposit of $100 which is refundable when returned to the club property officer.

The Carli Memorial Shoot


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SVPSL Inc. in the Community.......            

60 or so visitors attended a special rifle open day at the range ranging from 12 to 17 year old boys and girls to their Mum's and Dad's who also participated in the rifle safety handling orientation and .22 rifle shooting. 

VISITOR / FAMILY DAY AT SVPSL bySteve B - SVPSL Club President 2008

Congratulations to all the members that helped with the juniors and the parents / guardians that attended the club Saturday 15th November 2008.

We were expecting between 30 to 35 young people and when I was told on Saturday morning at 9 am that there was 65 possibly 75 coming, it was to say the least a bit of a shock.

As usual the members that were there took on the challenge in true Southern Vales style, to individually oversee each participant and the day was an over whelming success.

All the juniors and parents who attended had several opportunities to try their hand at target shooting with .22 rifles. Then most chose to try some center fire rifles with most of the younger people taking up the offer and enjoying the challenge of experiencing the larger calibers.

The day ended with many of the visitors trying race guns, standard guns as well as production guns all conducted under the supervision of SVPSL Members who volunteered their time.

It was extremely pleasing having many of the parents come to me and congratulate SVPSL Members and the Executive on the professional way that we conducted the day.

Some of the comments the parents made were,

"Extremely Safe" ,"Friendly people",  "Professional attitude", "Family friendly", "Well organized", "Great facility" .

The day's experience saw all the visitors leaving with a smile on their face with several asking for membership information and forms.

Activities like this go a long way to educate others in the community that have not had anything to do with a Firearms Club and or a member of a firearms club. I am sure that these young people their parents / Guardians will be able to give a positive response the next time that someone asks them about gun clubs and or their members.

Once again Congratulations to all those who helped and thanks to those members who donated their sporting guns and equipment on the day.

PS  Thanks also to Darren A who donated 2 very large boxes of huge lolly pops that each visitor received as a gift at the end of the day.






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